ALPY VZW – Association Without Lucrative Purpose
Alps and Pyrenees, discovering and supporting

About us

Vision & Mission

The association wants to be the contact in Belgium for organised and not-organised interested people, inhabitants and visitors of the Alps and Pyrenees.
The association consists, with its purpose, of a social, cultural, ecological and economic domain and always tries to find a balance in this. All its projects and gestures are based upon respect for the human being and for nature.
The association works from a social, anthropological and artistic point of view. Therefore, she chooses to reach sensory incentives, formation and cooperation to reach its goals.
The association acts within their conviction about the value of rural mountain communities for the entire earth and its population.

The association wants to contribute to a sustainable development of traditional communities in the Alps and Pyrenees.


The association has the following goals:

  • informing and giving sensibilisation to non-mountain dwellers about rural culture and nature in the Alps and Pyrenees.
  • spreading elements of the traditional mountain culture, especially biological, artistic and craft products.
  • supporting organisations which contribute to the collection, protection and valorisation of the rural culture and nature of the Alps and Pyrenees.
  • the support of partnerships, information-exchange, research and formation of knowledge about sustainable and rural development in mountain communities.

To reach its goals, the association takes the following measures:

  • organisation of yearly activities: expositions, movie nights, culinary and speaking evenings
  • design and distribution of publications and audio-visual products
  • development and gesture of thematic projects
  • development of a library of books and audio-visual material


Advantages for inhabitants or organisation in the Alps or Pyrenees

We can…

  • exhibit your artwork (all artistic and craftwork)
  • translate your work (all news announcements, folders, publications on the Alps and Pyrenees)
  • support you in the distribution and selling of your products
  • promote your product, project or organisation
  • organise a study tour to your project or organisation
  • participate in your projects
  • start a project
  • invite you at a lecture/presentation/conference
  • bring you in contact with possible partners

Advantages for visitors of the Alps and/or Pyrenees and for Belgian organisations

We offer you…

  • information about new publications, movies and events
  • a library of books and audio-visual material
  • support for research and/or projects treating sustainable development of rural communities in the Alps and Pyrenees
  • a large offer of annual activities: movie nights, culinary evenings, workshops, expositions, lectures, seminars, study travels…
  • a rich offer of activities and (audiovisual) publications which treat about our projects
  • the possibility to meet interesting people

Rates: Ordinary member: 30€, Family membership: 60€, Supporting member/Professional member: 100€

Application Membership


ALPY vzw
Steppestede 4
9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem
Tel: +32 9 328 80 71
E-mail: alpyvzw@telenet.be
Company number: 0834 576 518
IBAN: BE42 001 6385585 54 – BIC: GEBABEBB

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