Vrijwilligerswerk in Tirol

ALPY zoekt een vrijwillger voor een EVS project in Tirol. Hieronder vind je de informatie. Wij bieden graag ondersteuning bij het voorbereiden van de reis en wij zijn steeds bereikbaar in geval van problemen ter plaatse.

Contact person: Erika Mischitz
Coordinating organisation: InfoEck Youth Information Tirol
Host:BETA: http://www.volkshilfe.net/de/arbeit-und-integration/beta.html
Location: Wörgl, Austria
Deadline: 25/02/2014
Start: 01/07/2014
End: 30/06/2015

The EVS project “Youth4Work @ Wörgl” takes place at the organisation BETA in Wörgl in Tyrol, Austria.

BETA qualifies young people between 16 and 24 years for work and for finding a job. Most of the youngsters are drop-outs, have attended special schools, achieved only poor school marks or very bad reports and they face difficulties in finding a job.

About 10 youngsters are employed at BETA for one year. During this year they have the possibility to learn a lot of things and to acquire job qualifications for their future. Soft and hard skills are taught in working with wood, metal, gardening or in working as a caretaker or in fulfilling simple office duties. All these activities focus on the most realistic job situations, sometimes the youngsters even work for real companies. They are also trained in applying for a job. The goal is that after this year the youngsters find an employment at companies where they have done an internship or practical training during the year.


The EVS volunteer works alongside the professionals at BETA in the areas that interest him/her the most (job-related skills, social work, mechanical or creative work, own ideas etc.). For further information about the host organisation BETA and about the volunteer’s tasks, please have a look at the EVS database: https://europa.eu/youth/evs_database (enter EI Ref: 2012-AT-13)


Profile of the volunteer: • You are open, friendly and interested in communicating with youngsters • You are interested in working with young people and in social work • Mechanical skills or creativity would be appreciated, as the project can offer skilled manual working tasks • Beginner German skills would be helpful, as our youngsters do not speak much English. Due to the soon project start in July we CANNOT consider applications of candidates who need a VISA for Austria!


How to apply: Please send • The application form (filled in) • Your CV (can be short) • Motivation (express your motivation for this EVS project at BETA!). Please address your application to Oliver Rodlmayr (BETA) and send it until 25th February 2014 to coordinator erika.mischitz@infoeck.at. Only COMPLETE applications will be considered. Deadline: 25th February 2014 The final decision about the volunteer will be taken by BETA in the beginning of March and all applicants will be informed. If there are any questions, you can write an E-mail to coordinator Erika: Erika.mischitz@infoeck.at. We are looking forward to your motivated applications.


Themes: Social exclusion (in general)
Targets: Youth and children, Unemployed

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