Vrijwilligerswerk in Milaan

0ALPY zoekt een vrijwillger voor een EVS project in Milaan. Hieronder vind je de informatie. Wij bieden graag ondersteuning bij het voorbereiden van de reis en wij zijn steeds bereikbaar in geval van problemen ter plaatse.

Contact person: Associazione Joint
Coordinating organisation:Associazione di promozione sociale JOINT
Host:CeLIM: http://www.celim.it
Location: Milan, Italy
Deadline: 28/02/2014
Start: 01/10/2014
End: 01/07/2015

CeLIM (Centro Laici Italiani per le Missioni), born in 1954, is a non-governmental organization recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union. It is a part of the federation FOCSIV and CoLomba (Cooperazione Lombardia). The main objective of CeLIM is to permanently transform a community, transferring professional and economic skills using interventions of a finite duration through development cooperation projects sending volunteers abroad and in Italy through activities of global citizenship education.

The organization works in Africa and the Balkans, through the work of international volunteers and in collaboration with local agencies and staff managing projects of development cooperation across a number of fields: educational, social and healthcare, energy and microcredit.

In Italy CeLIM, through skilled educators of CeliMondo, works with children, adolescents, teachers and educators on issues such as global citizenship, knowledge of self and others, human rights, migration and environmental sustainability, encouraging interaction and stimulating “best practices” that are transferred from the local context into the global one.

CeLIM perseveres in the belief that education and training are fundamental elements of citizenship and democracy, equality and freedom. For this reason CeLIM is committed to the creation of schools and vocational training centers in places where these services and facilities are lacking or are insufficient, in countries where young people need the right to education and the future to be available to them. For the same reason, also in Italy CeLIM organizes training courses for migrants, occasions of information and awareness-raising open to all citizens and, for over 20 years manages activities of global citizenship education for schools of all levels, which deal with themes of interculturality through participatory courses and workshops.


Tasks that the volunteers will have the opportunity to perform are the following: 1) Collaboration in the organization and implementation of activities of global citizenship education, development and interculturality through courses for schools, courses of animation on the territory in and out of schools, itinerant exhibitions, creative workshops for the local schools of Milan and Hinterland. 2) Collaboration in organisation and implementation of after school activities with 10-12 year olds, volunteers will: – work as helping youth leader in different kinds of activities, – plan activities for young people and have a chance to lead the activities also, – bring piece of internationality and different culture to a daily work and help the young people to develop their international skills and knowledge. 3) Collaboration in website management. CeLIM publishes news and articles concerning its activities daily. Everything is published in Italian, English and Portuguese. Here we can share our experience in managing websites, writing texts, translation of texts, proofreading, news research, work with wordpress system, being part of the editorial staff. The volunteer will have the opportunity to provide support in the following tasks: – social media management (Facebook, Twitter, etc..) -writing articles, -insertion of web content, -creation of multimedia material, -newsletter management. 4) Support in the analysis, design and drafting project documentation. The volunteer will have the opportunity to provide support in the following tasks: -analysis and definition of objectives and events, -support in project preparation, implementation and evaluation, -communication with the partner organizations in relation to joint projects and various initiatives. Given the wide variety and complexity of the duties involved we don’t believe that every volunteer will every week implement all the activities available but will focus on some of them. For this reason we have divided the activities in training, evaluation and language course on the one hand and the service-specific activities on the other hand. Among the service-specific activities we divided office tasks, such as preparing, collecting materials and evaluation, and field tasks such as the implementation of courses, presentations and meetings.


Please note, this EVS more suitable for more mature persons with some experience working with kids or other social work although such experience is not required. Volunteers should be active in approaching the community, seek active involvement, be independent to organise their leisure time, be openminded about new culture and subcultures. The required ideal volunteer is a person who has a passion for international cooperation and inter-culture. He/she must be ready and able to adapt to a cultural context in which the core values are those of cooperation. He/she should be flexible and tolerant, open to communication and the ability to work in team. The volunteer must have a great motivation which will be the essential requirement in the selection phase of this EVS project. Also, previous experience in the field of education in general and non-formal education and in the field of communication will serve as the title of preference. The characteristics that we consider fundamental for the specific activities of our project are: – fewer opportunities (cultural, social, economic and geographical reasons), – interest in the themes of the project, – usefulness of taking part in the proposed activities for the future life of the candidates, – previous experience of working with children and youth is very welcome, – will to do and learn, – responsibility and ability to work independently, – familiarity with webiste management and graphics, – knowlege of portuguese and/or italian language would be an asset, – basic english for communication purposes, – familiarity with and motivation for the type of project described.


We ask candidates to send us a CV and to fill in the attached questionary and send to Asia at celim@associazionejoint.org. The applications sent on a different email adress and/or without the requested files attached (CV + questionary) will not be taken into consideration. Only the pre-selected candidates will be contacted in order to make a Skype interwiew.

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